Announcing Final Outpost 1.5

We're pleased to announce Final Outpost 1.5: The Defence Update. This major action-packed update introduces all-new combat, an improved progression experience, skill tree adjustments, visual enhancements, and other player-requested features! Choose YOUR defence strategy and take on never-before-seen zombie types in Final Outpost 1.5! 🔥

We've summarised the major changes in this announcement, make sure to check out the full 1.5 changelog for detailed changes.

Get ready for a game-changing update that's sure to raise the stakes in your survival journey! 🟢 Download now from the App Store and Google Play! 📲

Watch the trailer here:

Final Outpost 1.5 Trailer


From crossbows to machine guns, players can now upgrade their wall defences to counteract zombie attacks!

The long-awaited return of the guard is finally here! Once you've upgraded to level 3 walls, you'll unlock the ability to construct turrets, enabling you to build crossbows and defend against zombies at your wall. Keep in mind that each shot fired will deplete your wood supply…

And that's just the beginning: Later on, players can trade in stone and metal to upgrade to machine guns which use ammo boxes that boast increased firepower, quicker reload times, and an extended range.

In addition to these exciting new defensive upgrades, we've also made significant improvements to the AI behaviour of knife fighters. With enhanced intelligence in regards to their coordination and positioning, they will now react more swiftly and strategically as a group when faced with a zombie assault at your walls.

Final Outpost 1.5 All New Combat


Introducing 3 new zombie types: Curious, Runner and Armoured to Final Outpost 1.5!

On top of the existing Standard and Big zombies, these new zombie types offer more variety in attacks, putting your defence skills to the test on a nightly basis.

Curious zombies possess increased strength and a curiosity that leads them directly to your walls, regardless of noise levels. Keep an eye out for this and make sure your knife fighters are not overworked!

Runner zombies are faster and more nimble than your average zombie. Their noisy movements draw in other zombies to join them in attacking your wall. Defeat them quickly to avoid this.

Armoured zombies, cladded with shiny armour, arrive in the late game, rendering them resistant to standard weaponry such as machine gun bullets and knives. Sniper bullets are capable of penetrating their protective shell and inflicting significant damage.

But that’s not all - we've completely revamped the AI of all zombies, giving them more natural behaviour and realistic responses to noise. Horde nights have been reimagined to provide a more balanced yet intense experience as zombies swarm your walls from every direction. Say goodbye to predictable attacks; get ready to tackle challenges from all angles!

Final Outpost 1.5 New Zombies


With the changes to defences in 1.5, new repair and defence skills give our players the chance to upgrade both the workers and guards to repair from and combat zombie attacks!

Upgrade your workers' repair skills to optimise resource usage, allowing them to invest more resources into wall repairs during the day, fortifying your defences before the next wave of zombie attacks at night. Meanwhile, bolster your guards' effectiveness with upgrades that improve accuracy, reload speed, weapon rotation speed and attract less zombies.

Noise upgrades, including both knives and guns, are now integrated in the defence skill tree as “zombie attraction chance”, a simpler and more effective way to upgrade your defence!

Now you can gather skill points after every horde night, starting with your first skill point on day 5. Watch for the new skill point animation that provides visual feedback on earned skill points, with additional points earned as you progress, rewarding your survival skills in the face of danger!

Final Outpost 1.5 New Skill Tree


Listening closely to our community, we've implemented one of the most requested gameplay features: the ability to fast-forward the day. With this new addition, players can now accelerate time at 2.5x speed during both day and night.

We have added new and updated artwork, a new indicator for wall health, new tips for the tutorial, made visual improvements to various in-game menus, the sniper muzzle flash, night time brightness and more… Final Outpost 1.5 has one of our biggest visual overhauls yet!

Final Outpost 1.5 Visual and Gameplay Changes


  • Metal sheets are now produced by blacksmiths in the forge, costing 8 scrap
  • Metal walls are now repaired with metal sheets
  • Stone and metal walls cost less of their respective materials to repair the same amount

From players' commendations to GamingOnPhone's feature on the new update, we're thrilled by the flood of positivity in all your comments. We've crafted an immersive survival experience and your input has shaped visual enhancements and gameplay tweaks, making Final Outpost 1.5 a true community effort. Thank you! 🌟

The Final Outpost Team