2023 Development Recap

As the team come to the end of a game-changing year at Exabyte Games, we take a closer look at the individual contributions of each team member and celebrate what we’ve achieved in 2023 - with a sneak-peek on what’s to come.

Crucial to this year’s journey have been Sam and Ben, who transitioned to full-time roles, dedicating their efforts to delivering regular new updates for Final Outpost. Ewan has also been doing the important work of deepening our interactions with the community and improving our online presence. Behind the scenes, our artist Harriett has been developing a brand-new look for Final Outpost that will take the game to a new level in 2024. Meanwhile, our QA tester JJ has been working seamlessly with the team to refine updates and make the game more stable than ever.

"First off, it is with mixed emotions that we announce our long-time developer Ross will be leaving us. Ross has made invaluable contributions towards the development of Final Outpost over the last two years and we wish him the very best in his future endeavours." - Sam


In one of the biggest changes of the year, Ben has now graduated from university and started full-time work at Exabyte Games! As our lead developer, he is now producing updates for Final Outpost faster than ever, bringing new content, quality-of-life improvements, and rooting out pesky bugs every week. With his knowledge of the Unity game engine getting deeper by the day, Ben is making updates with ever-increasing efficiency and quality.

Ben Clothier's Office Setup

Ben has taken a particular liking to designing new content and artwork with Sam and Harriett, seeing the game become even more enjoyable and sleek with each iteration. Ben has recently moved to London and built a great little home-office (pictured). He is excited about this new chapter both in his life and for Exabyte Games.


This year has seen Sam make the switch from his full-time job as a neuroscience researcher to working for us full-time at Exabyte Games. Earlier this year he picked up the Unity game engine and has been immersed in the learning process over the last few months. Although learning how to use an engine for the first time has been a challenge, the C# programming language has been closer to smooth sailing as Sam has previously used Apple’s C-based Swift language as well as Python. Whilst following Unity tutorials, Sam has been doing what he loves most: creating a wide range of small game prototypes to test his skills and explore fun new ideas.

Sam, working in the unity engine

Recently, however, Sam has spent more time overseeing a renewed focus on the development of Final Outpost as the team adds polish and works towards bringing new content to the game. He has also been enjoying the process of designing new artwork for the game with Ben and Harriett.


Meanwhile, Ewan, the creative force behind Final Outpost's social media and website content, began his final year at university. Recently he has been working on improvements to our websites and writing these blogs! He is currently broadening the content produced for Final Outpost, introducing weekly TikToks, a new quarterly podcast and development vlogs heading into 2024.

Ewan will be promoting the game to a wider audience as he creates trailers and sneak-peeks at new features coming in the next big update for Final Outpost. We can’t say too much about this yet, but there will be major improvements to the food system, a brand-new user interface, and the ability to access some highly-requested new features in a microtransaction-free edition of the game.

New achievement artwork


Harriett has been working with the development team creating new and exciting graphics for Final Outpost’s next big update. This currently encompasses a range of visual assets from UI, character design, environments and more. 

In addition to designing and creating all-new pixel artwork for the game, Harriett has been documenting the artistic development process through a succinct style guide.


JJ has graduated from university and moved to Bristol to start a full-time position as a Software Developer. On the side, they’ve been gaining experience in C# and Visual Basic working on Web Applications as well as DevOps and Databases. JJ helps the dev team with QA testing and they are looking forward to the awesome stuff Exabyte has cooking!

We’d like to thank you if you’ve read this far; it means a lot to us. Without your support and the Final Outpost community, we wouldn’t be able to build games as our full-time job! Beginning this new chapter has been the highlight of 2023 for us at Exabyte Games. The next year has much more to look forward to, including exciting new updates for Final Outpost and the tantalising prospect of stumbling upon a new game concept. We can’t wait to share all this with our players.