2020 Summer Plans

The last few months have seen a considerable response to the release of Final Outpost on the App Store. And the last few weeks have seen the end of my university exams. Although I have a few other things on my plate this summer, the game will receive some much-requested love in the form of new content.

Since it's release in late February, Final Outpost has had ten small-to-medium sized updates pushed to the App Store. It's now more understandable to new users and has reached a stage where I can gladly say there are no major bugs. At least in the early-mid game. There have been a few minor additions such as level 4 walls and the Brute zombie type, but beyond this there has been little new features or content added since release. We therefore find Final Outpost 1.0.12 in prime position for a major update.

I am working with Ewan, our web designer, to give finaloutpostgame.com an overhaul in preparation for these changes. We want to convey what Final Outpost is more clearly and quickly at a glance. We also want to make the community more accessible and prominent. To this end, there will be a completely redesigned layout and updated graphics. I'll also be adding my post-release story to the information tab (it was last updated towards the end of the pre-order phase). I hope this will give the community a one-stop hub for everything Final Outpost-related.

I won't be able to confirm a release date until 1.1 is closer to being complete, but work on it has now begun. This mostly consists of designing how new features will work and look on-screen thus far, whilst development work will commence shortly. I can announce that this update will be called Final Outpost 1.1: The Research Update.

The Research Update will most notably include a main menu, bullet manufacturing and a tech tree. There will be many other changes and additions but those will be announced closer to release. The main menu is planned to have a settings screen so that players can have more control over sound effects, music and visual effects (e.g. noise circles). Bullet manufacturing will introduce a critical component of Outpost management, making the game more realistic and challenging since snipers and guards will not be able to utilise their weapons without ammunition. The tech tree will allow the 'upgrading' of job roles via their stats. For example, you would be able to upgrade your scavengers by researching a new type of backpack to give them more inventory space.

Together these new features will give a new dynamic to your Outposts and make the game that bit more interesting. I am really looking forward to bringing this update to you all this summer.

Thanks again for all your support, it means a lot to me that you see the potential in Final Outpost and are excited for future updates like I am. 🤘