2020 Milestones

Exceeding all expectations, Final Outpost reached 100,000 downloads in less than two months. Initial traction came from a small marketing campaign, which then grew from discovery on the App Store. As of January 2021, our game has been downloaded more than 300,000 times!

We released a game changing update! Sam released a number of patches during this time and then began work on a huge update with Ewan later in the year. Final Outpost 1.1 introduced a host of new features, reworked mechanics, and UI improvements.

We’ve seen our community grow throughout the year! With over 1,000 Discord and Reddit members, there has been an opportunity for our players to build a community, suggest new features and discuss tips and tricks. Our Final Outpost Discord server is open to all!

We reached new heights in the App Store charts! Final Outpost became a top 100 strategy game in 110 countries. Feedback was hugely positive; as of January 2021, the average rating from over 2,000 reviews is 4.4/5.

The biggest news came in November when in a YouTube livestream we confirmed Final Outpost would be released on Android in 2021. The team also discussed future plans, answered questions and more so make sure to give it a watch!

Thanks for everyone’s support in 2020!

Keep on building, managing, crafting and most of all survive as we move into 2021!